My Gear - 2021 Edition

Here's a list of hardware, software, and toolings that I use in my day to day programming.

My terminal


Code Editor

My code editor

As you can see, I've removed all those pesky panels and bars from my code editor. I hate noises. It distracts me a lot. I use keyboard shortcuts instead when using them.


My terminal

I've switched all my settings from dark to light themes last year and the difference was huge. There had been lesser headaches, and my eyes don't get tired easily since then.

Light themes are better. At least for my experience.

System Settings

Setting up a fresh/reformatted computer takes a lot of effort and time. So to skip that process, I used these dotfiles to install and configure all my apps and system settings.

Productivity Apps

  • Notion - For organizing my thoughts and projects
  • Todoist - For daily tasks tracking and reminders
  • Figma - For designs and prototyping
  • Sequel Pro - For database management
  • Insomnia - For building and testing APIs
  • Google Drive - For cloud file storage
  • Dropbox - For cloud file storage (Private files)
  • Raindrop - For article bookmarks
  • Alfred - Super fast quick search on Mac for anything under the sun
  • Spotify - I mean, those beats helps me focus

Social Apps

  • Twitter - I mostly follow people from tech. You'll learn a lot here if you follow the right ones
  • Facebook - I use it mainly because all of my family and friends are here. And also for those memes
  • Discord - For tech community engagements
  • StackOverflow - A really helpful developer social media platform when you are stuck at debugging your code. Also helps a ton when you need help with some concepts in programming that you don't understand
  • Reddit - Casual tech related readings


  • Feedly - I enjoy reading tech blog posts from the web. What feedly do is that it crawls the internet and then it aggregates/collects all of the blog feeds from different sites so that you can easily organize your favorite websites and follow their blog updates.